Want to know how to build an audience but don't know how to get started?

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to grow your business and delivers an impressive return on investment.

I help small business owners to attract, nurture and convert subscribers into returning clients. Having worked for The Expedia Group Hotels.com, Monsoon Accessorize and MoneySuperMarket, I know how to get the results that grow businesses.

Check out my free guide: 10 Powerful Ways to Grow your Email List.

15 years experience in CRM, Email Marketing and Customer Journey Mapping

Working for brands including Expedia (Hotels.com), Monsoon Accessorize and MoneySuperMarket

What's holding your business back right now?

I send emails but they make no money
Email marketing takes too much time
I've invested in a CRM platform but not getting any value from it
I'm feeling overwhelmed and I don't know where to start
I capture email addresses but do nothing with them

Are you sending marketing emails out but making no money from them? Or have you invested in a CRM platform but only using 2% of it's features and functionality? Or are you feeling overwhelmed and don't know where to start? You could spend hours, days, weeks trying to figure it all out? Who has time for that?

Time is precious and is best spent doing what you do best!

I help businesses like yours by putting systems in place that can run on auto-pilot, giving you valuable time back.

My approach is simple, I provide step-by-step recommendations on what is best suited to your business that align with your goals and vision. I'm fully committed to helping you achieve the outcome you desire for your business. I have delivered +25% uplift in revenue from email marketing working for large brands and now I want to share my knowledge and experience with you.


10 powerful ways to grow your email list

Download your free guide

List building is one of the most effective ways to attract your ideal client. Check out my free guide to show you 10 powerful ways to grow your email list.

Why work with me?

I'm passionate and committed to helping entrepreneurs and small businesses thrive.

With 15 years digital marketing experience, I have helped both small and large scale businesses succeed. I specialise in CRM, Email Marketing and Retention Strategies and have a wealth of broader marketing experience which I have distilled into simple steps for any business to use.

Every business has different requirements therefore I will work with you to understand your priorities and will set out a simple, easy to implement plan that will deliver against your goals. 


The Power Hour

Are you struggling to get the results you desire from email marketing? 

The Power Hour is perfect for those who want to get started with their email marketing or are up and running but need help with their existing campaigns.
1/2 Day Strategy Workshop

Want to elevate your email marketing but don't know how to get started? 

Our 1/2 Day Strategy Session will give your business a clear roadmap to not only connect with your audience but keep them engaged and want to purchase from you time and time again.


"Being given a 3 to 6 month plan was very beneficial 
and took the stress out of creating one myself".

"Clara was very knowledgeable and gave me a solid 3-6 month plan to help me scale by business. I'm really happy with the 1-1 session and feel motivated to get to work!
Bronte Laura @ Bronte Laura Illustrations

“You really helped me to understand how I could add value in places very quickly without needing much time or money - both things of which I am short of.”

"The amount of research and time you spent understanding my brand and competitors, as well as potential competitors that I hadn't heard of was amazing. It meant that you really understood the product and all of the information was extremely relevant in some way or the other. Everything was explained in layman's terms and was really easy to understand. You broke down the information really well and structured it perfectly.”
Danielle, Founder @ Not Just Nibbles

"I felt that Clara went above and beyond to obtain a good understanding of our business and where we were at, to provide meaningful guidance that we could apply immediately"

“I really appreciate the actionable insight and clear advice that Clara gave to help us develop our marketing plan. Clara was also very friendly and approachable and just a great person to talk to!”