Email content ideas for service-based businesses

Are you a service-based business and looking for some content inspiration?

Email marketing is a powerful and effective way to drive traffic to your website.

Here are some ideas to keep your content fresh and inspiring 

1) Welcome email sequences

By creating a welcome sequence you can introduce your services over a series of emails, making it easier to digest. The welcome sequence is an important first impression and helps set the scene for what someone can expect by working with you. What's your story? Why did you set up your business, who are serving? If you already have a welcome email, it's not too late to create a full sequence for new clients/customers.

2) Video content

Video content is a fantastic way to showcase your service. Use short videos to educate your audience on what it is you offer and how others have benefitted from working with you. Create a short series of emails that you can send via your weekly or fortnightly newsletter. 

3) Social proof

We love to social proof by hearing about other people's experiences before we buy. By sharing positive testimonials, you are building credibility around your brand. Email marketing is about building long lasting relationships and so by sharing testimonials you spark interest and curiosity for new prospective clients/customers to want to find out more!


4) Limited-time offers

As a service-based business time-limited offers are a great way to boost sales, particularly as they drive action through urgency. Time-limited offers could be for selected customer segments, making them feel special as they are exclusive in nature. Using email marketing to deliver these offers will keep your schedule full and a lot of repeat business comes from your existing clients/customers.

5) Create value through a blog

Particularly if you are a new service-based business a blog is a useful way to share your knowledge, experience and experience. Remember that people need to know, like and trust you before they want to work with you. Think of 3-5 questions that you regularly get asked and create blog posts on these topics, then share via email marketing. Run out of ideas? Ask your audience what they would like to see more of through a poll. Blogs are a great way to keep your audience engaged.


Try any of these content ideas for your service-based business and see what resonates! The great thing about email marketing is you get to see results!

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