What is email automation?

Are you spending hours trying to figure out email marketing? 

Wouldn't you rather be spending more time on what you do best? 

Email automations can provide so many benefits to your business.

So what is email automation?

It's simply an email campaign or sequence of campaigns that send pre-defined content to your email subscribers in an automated manner.

By automating your Email Marketing activity you can scale and have a much broader reach, giving you opportunities to increase your sales.

What are the benefits of email automation?

1) Time-saving

Time saving - once you define what goal you want a campaign to achieve you can set and forget. Your email marketing can work hard for you while you sleep. Automation saves you having to be tied to a schedule and having to write content for your regular newsletter.

2) Generate revenue while you sleep

By getting automation set up for your business you can generate revenue while you sleep. Reaching customers anytime, anywhere. Think of automations as the store assistant to your website, who happens to work 24/7.

Did you know that 63% of companies using marketing automation outperformed competitors?*

3) Lead generation

By having automations set up on your website, you can collect data on prospective clients/customers who may be perusing and what to find out more but not yet ready to book a call with you. 

4) Personalised content at scale

One of the big misconceptions about automations is that they aren't able to personalise content - this is completely untrue. Automation enables you to personalise content based on a customer's interaction with you, therefore offering truly personalised customer experiences that does not compromise on quality as you grow.

5) Customer retention and loyalty

Even if your audience aren't in the market right now, automations are a great way to keep them engaged and front of mind so that when they are ready to buy, they'll know to come back to you. You can create email sequences that focus on creating engagement and continuing to build a relationship that develops trust and loyalty.

How are you maximising automations for your business?

I create automated email sequences, personalised to every business and would be happy to chat through your goals.

Book a call and I will provide you with 1-2 top tips to share some ways you can generate more revenue from your email marketing without the effort.


*Moosend 2022