What is email segmentation?

And why does my business need it?

* Are taking a spray and pray approach to your email marketing?

* Are you sending relevant content to your customer base?

* Have you asked your customers what they would like to hear more about from you?

Did you know that segmented campaigns account for 58% of all email ROI?

If you are not already segmenting your base you have a great opportunity to provide content that is relevant to the specific needs of your customer and provides a positive return on investment.

First of all what is email segmentation?

It's essentially categorisation of your email list based on set criteria, in other words it helps you be more relevant to your customer base. So for instance, if an email subscriber has purchased a dress from you in the past, sending menswear content to them is going to be of little or no interest.

Email segmentation enables you to be much more relevant to your customer base.

Why is email segmentation important?

  • You are more likely to see better email performance
  • It's good for deliverability, getting into inboxes!
  • You get to learn more about your customer base
  • Segmentation increases your email marketing ROI


Here are a few ways you can segment your base:

1) Purchase history, what have they bought from you previously and what would be the next best product or service?

2) Engagement levels, how engaged are your audience, this can be a great way to segment your base

3) Location, you can send relevant content according to location

And there are many more ways to segment according to your business.

Are you struggling with how to segment your customer base?

 Have you spent hours, days, weeks trying to figure out how to make more sales from your marketing emails?


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