Why do I need a CRM Platform?

Firstly let's be clear about what we mean by a CRM platform, it's simply a way to collect, organise and manage your customer data. 

You can then use your CRM platform communicate to your customer through email marketing as well as push notifications and SMS. Essentially, it's a platform that enables you to manage your relationships with your customers.

What does a CRM platform do?

A CRM platform will capture your customer data, regardless of where they are in your customer journey. From capturing new prospective customers and introducing them to your offering through to nurturing your regular or past customers a CRM platform manages all your customer relationships.







Email marketing is all about building a long term relationship with your customers with the goal of driving repeat purchases and profitability. 

Your audience list is a group of people who have opted in to receive content from you, they are curious to know more or they have purchased from you previously and are keen to stay in touch.

By building a relationship with your customers through email marketing, you are more likely to drive repeat purchases, if your customers liked your products or services, customers are going to buy from you again.

Offer value through your emails, whether you are a product or service-based business. What content is going to be relevant and interesting for your ideal customer? How can you be of service to them? What are their challenges, pain points and how can you solve for them?

Here are some tips on how email marketing can boost sales for your business:

1) Early-bird previews of your new product range or service

We all like to feel special and early-bird previews are a great way to do this via email. A new product launch or new service is something you can launch first using email marketing via an early-bird preview. You can call out that this is exclusive and you are letting your email audience know about this first. Ensure you link to your website and you could include a discount or value-add such as free delivery to encourage your customers to take action. 

2) Abandoned basket emails

Life is busy and may of us multi-task however we can get distracted! When we add something to an online basket the intention is usually that we want to buy the product but something else has taken our attention. Abandon basket emails serve as a useful reminder that you left something behind. Keep it short and to the point, if done correctly these emails will convert into sales. For service-based industries, you can also set this up when someone visits your 'contact us' page.

3) Encourage the next purchase

Repeat customers are 50% more likely to purchase from you than a new customer. So it's crucial to nurture your email audience with regular, useful and informative content. Using the right CRM platform, you can set up automated emails that follow on (cross-sell) from a purchase to encourage sale of a similar product or complementary product that is relevant and of interest to your customer. You can also set up up-sell opportunities too for example, you purchased some shoes, the next email will be a dress to go with your new shoes.

Satisfied customers act as brand advocates and build brand awareness on your behalf!

Automation is the key to how you scale and reach a large audience with a personal touch, it's all about using the right CRM platform!

There are countless ways that email marketing can boost sales for your business. Please do get in touch if you'd like to find out more at hello@claratoombsconsulting.co.uk

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