I capture email addresses but do nothing with them

It's completely natural to feel overwhelmed. There are a lot of CRM platforms out there and it's hard to know which one is the best for your business.
Investing in a CRM platform is a wise investment decision as you are building a key asset for your business - your email data.

Email data is completely owned by you and can't be impacted by an algorithm or a social network blackout or an Elon Musk type take over where you have little control over how you can contact your followers.

You might be thinking it will take weeks to launch a welcome email or build a simple campaign.

It doesn't, in fact I can help you get your first welcome email sent within 24 hours.

I provide an Email Marketing Accelerator course which includes:

  • Helping you get set up and sending emails within 24 hours
  • Launch a welcome sequence that will nurture your customer base.
  • Understand how to grow your list
  • Learn how to generate sales from your list.

My approach is simple, I provide step-by-step recommendations on what is best suited to your business that align with your goals. 

I have been working for some of the best brands in their CRM departments for the last 15 years, generating significant wins for each business and now I want to help you achieve wins for your business. 

My goal will be to take you from overwhelmed to overjoyed!


Book a free Opportunity Audit call where we can have a chat about how to get started in your CRM journey without the overwhelm.