I capture email addresses but do nothing with them

Have you invested in a CRM platform but only using 2% of its capability?

You might be sending a monthly newsletter or have the odd email go out occasionally to your base?

You've taken a good step forwards in investing in a CRM platform.

I can help you get the most from your platform so that you see a positive return on your investment.

I provide an Email Marketing Strategy audit which includes:

  • Full analysis of the last 6 months from your CRM platform
  • A full report of recommendations on quick wins and bigger opportunities that you currently aren't maximising
  • 1x onboarding call, 1x check-in, 1x report and follow up meeting

My approach is simple, I provide recommendations on what is best suited to your business that align with your goals.


Book a free Opportunity Audit call where we can have a chat about how to turn up the dial on your CRM platform and get it working harder for you.