Have you a decent sized email-marketing list but it's generating minimal sales for your business? 

Here are some reasons why your marketing emails are not converting:

1) You're not segmenting your lists

The days of 'spray and pray' mass email sends are over. Sending content that is of no interest to your base will result in disengagement and even worse, an increase in unsubscribes. Segmenting your lists are crucial to help serve your customers with the most relevant, useful content for their needs. 

2) Your content mix isn't right

If you are sending only sales-type emails then think about how you can introduce engaging content that adds value into your send plan without the hard-sell. If you are sending lots of engagement emails then think about how you can introduce your services/products that can help solve your customer's pain points. The key is getting the balance right.

3) Your copy is dull

Perhaps your content isn't engaging and you are failing to deliver something of value that sparks interest and curiosity with your customer base. On average we receive 120 emails* per day so your email needs to have some stand out. If you find it hard to craft the words, hire someone who can help you write killer copy that converts!

4) Poor calls to action (CTA's)

Calls to action (CTA's) are key to any marketing campaign. What action do you want your customer to take? Make sure your CTA's are prominent, clear and simple so that the customer understands how to buy from you.

5) You aren't looking at your insights

The great thing about digital marketing is that everything we do has a footprint and can be tracked. Insights about your email marketing performance can tell you a lot about where you are going wrong for example, if you are failing to get people to open your emails try testing different types of copy, be brave and try something different and take a look at what is working and what isn't. Continue to test, test, test.

*Email Statistics report 2015-2019

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